About Beat Your Impostor Syndrome

Sometimes I feel like I need to achieve more or that my work needs to be polished for bright in this world called the internet, and in that line, I lost confidence in my work and the why behind the things I do.

I think this kind of confidence in your work is something you need to practice every day, repeating to yourself: My work is worth it because I put time into it, and time is invaluable, time is about life, and you don't know how time you have because, well, life is unpredictable. Keeping this in mind, question why you do what you do.

The answer has to be simple; in this case, it is because I like to create. And when people like my creations, that is a plus.

And that, fellas, is the secret that works with me to put back my impostor syndrome and see the value of my work.

Everything I create has worth.